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Hello, and welcome to my site!  For those of you who don't know my background, I am a professional physique competitor, fitness model and professional wrestler.  I have been competing in physique contests professionally since 1995 and have been in the elite top 10 of the world.  I have also enjoyed being one of the most publicized fitness models, being featured in and on the cover of Muscle&Fitness, MuscleMag International, Ironman, Muscular Development, Planet Muscle, Flex magazine, and many others.  I have also been featured in calendars, posters, videos, ads, TV shows, and film.  I love entertaining!  Currently I am not competing in physique shows, but am focusing on professional wrestling and fitness modelling.  I was featured on the "Masterlock Challenge" of  World Wrestling Entertainment's (WWE) pay-per-view BACKLASH 2005, and presently wrestle for the WWE developmental territory DEEP SOUTH WRESTLING ("

I grew up in a rough little place called Thunder Bay in Ontario CANADA, a city of about 125 000 located on the tip of Lake Superior. My parents Robert and Betty Coates had already had 3 kids by the time I arrived - 2 brothers, JR and David, and my sister Mary Beth. Yes I am the baby of the family!

Contrary to what you might think, being the baby didnt mean I GOT babied. My parents were fairly old when they had me. As you can imagine 3 kids, and my brother JR being just a year old when I was born, didnt leave my parents with much time or energy to put special attention into me. This was really a blessing. I believe it led me to develop the not-so-conventional ideals and career interests that I have today, and gave me the strength and focus to pursue them in the midst of adversity.

The rest of the members of my family are VERY conventional - my father is a doctor, my mother was a nurse and amateur actress, my 2 brothers are doctors now, and my sister is a university professor with degrees in Philosophy and Psychology. I myself graduated from university with a BS in biology. I had also had plans to be a doctor - of the veterinary medicine kind. Needless-to-say, I didnt exactly continue along this career path. I had developed a strong inclination for doing sports that had started when I was quite young, and this was rivalling my desire to complete medical training. I guess we all know now which route I took.

I started bodybuilding when I was 15 years old, and had actually been playing around with weights since I was 11 years old or so. I had an interest in becoming a pro tennis player, and at the time Martina Navratilova was the No 1 player in the world. I admired her muscular build, and started to lift weights in order to be a more powerful tennis player.   I had some good success as a junior, winning the Mid Canada Junior Girls title in 1985, and being the finalist the year before. I did a variety of sports - always the tomboy I played football, rugby, volleyball, basketball, and of course tennis was my first love. I eventually quit the other sports in order to focus on what became my main driving passion - bodybuilding.  It originated as powerlifting (I had an excellent bench press 250 lbs at 130 lbs bodyweight) and progressed into competitive bodybuilding. I was as surprised as anyone when I became a champion at this!!

I did my first contest in the early 1990s, and to my surprise,(and my parents dismay) won the lightweight category and the overall of the Physique Challenge contest in Windsor Ontario. From there I continued to do each higher level amateur show on the Canadian tier system, and again won each competition.

I had, however, outgrown my home city of Thunder Bay. I decided that if I wanted to progress with my career I needed to move to Los Angeles. I worked 2 gym jobs and 2 bar jobs (shooter girl - my outfit involved "rounds" of shooter test tubes slung across my chest in ammunition belts and a leather holster around my hips - earning me the nickname of Rambo, Terminator etc etc etc). I moved to California as soon as I was able; three months later, I won my pro debut - the 1996 Jan Tana. It was a dream realized in every sense of the word. My dedication had changed me from a very slender and sometimes shy academic girl (before bodybuiding I had weighed a whole 105 lbs at 5'5") to a strong, sturdy, confident physique champion. I had kept my eyes on the prize.

I'm often asked about how much I can lift. Although I don't do it anymore, I used to powerlift; these are my best lifts from that phase of my life.

  • Bench press 250 lbs
  • Squat 400 lbs
  • Deadlift 650 lbs
  • Barbell Curl 150 lbs
  • Dumbell Curl 55 lbs

I usually don't tend to measure myself (bodybuilding is all about illusion not necessarily actual proportions).  But I have had fans help me with this. At the moment, my measurements are:

  • biceps 14.5"
  • thighs 23.5 "
  • calves 15.5"

As for contests, I tend to get a little bigger. I cycle my size up for contests and lately down for offseason since I am concentrating on magazine work. Biceps 15 1/2 inches, thighs 24 1/2 inches, calves 16 inches. I can pretty much adjust my size within a couple of months or so because after these many years of training, I am very aware of what my nutrition and specific exercises will do to muscle growth on my body. I am 135-140 lbs offseason, and 130 lbs in competition.

I now reside in Atlanta, and I am taking wrestling training. I feel pro wrestling is the new challenge for me to keep my muscular build but also provide a great outlet for my athleticism and strong spirit. I am always looking for new challenges to keep my drive alive, and the combination of pairing the rigorous diet and training of bodybuilding with the skill, athleticism and drama of pro wrestling is certainly the biggest challenge I have ever attempted.

Though I consider Los Angeles my home, and plan on returning there as soon as possible, I am currently living in Atlanta GA, where the wrestling training facility is located.  I still train quite a bit at the gym, but not quite as rigorously as I used to, in order for me to focus more on the athleticism required to compete as a professional wrestler.  I show a leaner, more streamlined look  nowadays, but definitely still pack a punch of muscle! LOL!

Enjoy the site! 

Lots of Love!

Melissa Coates

Contest History:

  • 1991 The Physique Challenge, Windsor Ontario Canada. 1st place Lightweight and Overall Champion
  • 1992 Eastern Ontario Middleweight and Overall Champion.  Best Poser Award, Ottawa, Ontario CANADA.
  • 1993 Ontario Middleweight and Overall Champion, Toronto Ontario Canada
  • 1994  Canadian Championships, Middleweight Champion, Toronto Ontario Canada, qualifying me to turn IFBB pro.
  • 1995  Granted pro status by IFBB president Wayne DeMilia.
  • 1996  Jan Tana Champion, my pro debut, Roanoke Virginia, USA
  • 1996  9th place Ms Olympia, Chicago Illinois USA
  • 1997  5th Runner Up, Ms International, Columbus Ohio, USA
  • 1997  11th Place Ms Olympia, New York City
  • 1998  Took year off to regroup
  • 1999  13th Place Ms International, Columbus Ohio

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