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New Sabu Barbed Wire Themed baseball hats $25, $5 shipping for US and Canada and $10 shipping for International Orders

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New 2017 Sabu Calendar $30, $5 shipping for US and Canada and $10 shipping for international orders.

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New 2017 Melissa Coates Calendar $35, $5 shipping for US and Canada, $10 shipping for International orders.

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Set in his signature barbed wire, this TSHIRT embodies the ECW style Sabu the hardcore icon is famous for. $25 plus $5 s/h for domestic/can orders, $25 plus $10 international 

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Want something special JUST FOR YOU?  Get your very own special photo set or video in the outfit of your choice and the setting of your choice!   Swimwear, workout wear, lingerie, boots or sexy shoes, highlighting your favorite bodypart!  By the pool, in the gym, on the couch, on the bed, in the shower?  Pics range from  $15 to $20 each, and a 10 to 15 min video runs from $100 to $175.  Contact me at for more information and to discuss your special project!


NEW!!! to PURCHASE AUTOGRAPHED from Melissa!!!!  Novelist J.T. Wilt's book (sci-fy horror thriller in the genre of The Twilight Saga, "MoonRise Hunger:  Kill the Beast Inside...or Embrace Her?"

 $30 US orders, $35 Canadian orders, $40 international orders s/h included and all US funds.  Paypal to, or email me at for more info on othver purchasing options




  • High Quality 8x10 Glossies
  • one or all pics autographed
  • click your choice to order by secure server
  • Visa / MasterCard via PayPal
  • see the bottom of page for money order/mail instructions

High Quality 8x10 glossies $7.50 each + $2.50 shipping and handling (Total $10)- CLOSEOUT PRICING!

International Orders outside the US and Canada are 12.50 ($2.50 more for shipping and handling

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"SAVE!  Get any 10 for $60, plus 5 dols for s/h. 

If you prefer not to use a credit card, email me at and put "PHOTO ORDER" in subject header and I will let you know how to proceed."


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New photos for $10 each for US/CAN orders. Or 3 for $25. PayPal at 
International orders will be priced accordingly; contact Super Genie at for details 

And for other methods of payment, contact Super Genie at






&February Photos for Sale Special

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CALENDAR Pick any 12 favorite photos for a special Calendar $50 for US only and $60 for International orders.

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WPW DVDS Buy any of Melissa Coates's WPW DVDs

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NEW MELISSA WRESTLING DVD ($25+$5 shipping and Handling)

5 wrestling matches, (Melissa vs. Billy Buck, Leva, Crystal Rose, Branden Mcguire and Derek Ryze)


TALK TIME with Melissa:

10 min - $25.00
20 min - $40.00
30 min - $60.00

Email to set up appointment time!




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